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Ancient knowledge for inner growth

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House of Cards

A Deck of Cards

A deck of playing cards is actually hidden ancient knowledge that helps us to better understand the flow of our lives.

By understanding this information, you can tune into your energy patterns to identify your life purpose and improve your health, relationships and career. 

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52 Cards 52 Weeks

Our standard deck of 52 cards is actually our yearly calendar and is full of hidden knowledge about your individual purpose here on Earth. 

  • There are 52 cards in a deck and 52 weeks in a year

  • There are 4 suits and 4 seasons

  • There are 13 cards in each of the 4 suits and 13 weeks in each of the 4 seasons

  • Adding up the numerical values for the cards in each suit gives us 91, the exact number of days in each season

  • Combine the 91 days in each season and we get 364 days

  • The Joker is all 4 suits, plus himself, equaling 1 ¼. When added to 364, we get 365 ¼

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Foggy Waters

Get answers to the hard questions

Gain clarity and guidance

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Colorful Diamond


  • What am I here to do?

  • What is my purpose?

  • What can I give to others?

  • How do I move forward?

  • How can I find fulfillment in life?


  • How do I find my soulmate?

  • When will I meet someone?

  • Should I stay or should I go?

  • Who is most compatible for me?

  • Why do I fight with my relatives or friends?


  • What kind of health routine is best for me?

  • What time periods or days of the week are best for my individual health?

  • Why am I always sick?

  • What is a good time for surgery?


  • What direction do I take next in my career?

  • What career would be suitable for me?

  • Should I stay in my current job?

  • Should I start my own business?

  • What days are best for my finances?

An energy guide

Your birthday provides you with an energy map that allows you to tune into your daily, weekly and yearly energies that impact your life. When you begin to align with the natural strengths of your cards, you begin to realize a life of joy and prosperity. We are all given different cards to play at birth that affect the way we live. We can't change our cards but can learn how to play them right.

Fortune Telling


Card guidance in-person or virtually with comprehensive reports for further study

Health, relationship, career & finance guidance

  • Birth Cards: Identify daily energy influences and how to use the flow for good.

  • Yearly Reading: Understand your upcoming cards and how to play the year ahead.

  • Relationship Reading: Learn the dynamics at play between you and loved ones.

  • Couples Reading and Coaching focusing on the connections that rule your communication, passions and fears.

  • Success and Career Planning: Find the best times for career and business changes.

Working Together

Teambuilding and Leadership Development

Team Sessions and Leadership Coaching

Teams and leaders led through in-person or virtual coaching

  • Leadership coaching and feedback to further self awareness and understanding. 

  • Teambuilding Sessions for groups to better understand their unique individual connections and how they can be used to create a high performing team. 

Image by Scott Graham

Personal/Professional Advisor

Elaborate planning for individuals and business leaders

Take a more intimate and thorough approach to integrating the cards  into your everyday life. Daily planning and counsel helps businesses make sound decisions in the areas of investing, speculation, product launches and team dynamics. For individuals, our counsel covers finance and career related activity, as well as more personal dynamics such as dating, marriage, divorce, family challenges, having children, raising children, health routines, sickness and  new endeavors. It also covers real-estate transactions, travel and much more. Each day has an energy associated with a card, choosing a good day or time period can make all the difference in your success or failure in any venture.

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