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About me

Steven Petrovich is the founder of where he teaches the Science behind a deck of playing cards and how they can help you to find your life purpose. Steven coaches and partners with individuals, couples, leaders and teams to show them how to effectively play their cards right in the areas of spiritually, health, work, finance and relationships.  

Steven earned his M.A. in Organizational Psychology from NYU in 2009 which led him to work as a Healthcare consultant in New York City for 10 years. There, he partnered with Nurses, Doctors and Executive Leadership to improve team cohesion, facilitate strategic change efforts and lead process improvement initiatives. Before that, Steven worked in a Human Capital Management capacity for several Fortune 500 Companies.    

In addition to the cards, Steven is a practitioner and student of Medical Astrology, Numerology, Astro-theology and Gemtria. He considers esoteric knowledge as the foundation that helps to lead to major life transformations. He has experienced this himself and knows it is part of his purpose to consciously partner with others to share this ancient knowledge that has been hidden in plain sight on playing cards.

About Me: About Me
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