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Leadership Development & Teambuilding

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Leadership Development

Self-Discovery and Coaching

The Leadership Development series can be customized to fit your needs. Understanding your cards and those around you will help the leader understand how to play to their strengths as well as the strengths of their team. The cards can also help the leader understand where conflict and difficulty can occur between themselves and others and how to attain the high frequency of their cards. 

Team goals and workflow can be more easily accomplished when you  ride the waves that exist between people's cards, or you can go against the grain by not having a clear understanding of what drives individuals and how certain people like to communicate. 

Learning your cards not only gives you a clear path to follow, but it illuminates the path others face as well, giving the leader more overall awareness, empathy and understanding. 

Motivational Speaker

Teambuilding Workshop

Improve team engagement and business outcomes

The cards can be used in a group setting to help teams understand one another at a more intimate level. By learning your cards and the cards of your colleagues, you open up a world of awareness and understanding of one another. You will gain insight into why certain people communicate the way they do and how to improve team cohesion. 

You will also see where people start from internally. Some have a heart focus, some a mind focus, some a value and others a work focus. Reach out for more information on how this fun and informative session could work for you. 

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