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Using a deck of cards to align to my natural self

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I have always been a data driven individual. Show me the data, show me the evidence, if I can’t see it then we can’t make a decision to proceed forward. This way of thinking really had me stuck in my own head when it came to my relationships, specifically my romantic ones, and did not allow for me to feel what was happening inside my heart. I always used my mind in dating, going against what my heart wanted because everything looked good on paper. I even felt the need to justify why I didn’t have feelings for significant others, as if having that feeling was not enough of a justification. Then I came across a deck of playing cards in a coaching session.

In this coaching session I learned that a deck of cards is really our yearly calendar system. Stay with me here before you roll your eyes:

  • There are 52 cards in a deck and 52 weeks in a year

  • There are 13 cards in each of the 4 suits and 13 weeks in each of the four seasons

  • Add up the numerical values for the cards in each suit gives us 91, the exact number of days in each season

  • Combine the 91 days in each season and we get 364 days

  • The Joker is all 4 suits, plus himself, equaling 1¼. When added to 364 we get 365¼.

We went through my birthday and how it provides me an energy map for my life. Using the flow and strengths of my cards handed to me at birth literally helps me to play my cards right on Earth. We have daily, weekly and yearly energy that affects us and our cards, and knowing our cards helps us to go with the flow of life to align to our natural purpose. This science is called Metasymbology, and it is the study of playing cards. These cards use Astrology and Numerology to help explain ancient knowledge hidden in plain sight.

Take the 3 of hearts for example. Notice two of the hearts are going one direction and the third one is going the other direction? Hearts represent our heart and feelings, and the straight line represents a compass that tells us that we need to line up our heart to the truth and use our heart as our true compass.

If this was your card, to play it right you would need to make sure that you listen to how you feel and trust that direction, regardless of what your mind may say. Being split up in two directions will not allow you to align to your natural flow. 3 of Hearts energy is great for discovering your passion, creating love and having a variety of desires. On the flip side of that, these people can also have great uncertainty, worry about love and at times have trouble loving themselves as they are always seeking it externally.

Let’s look at the 9 of Diamonds. Barack Obama, George and Eckhart Tolle all play the 9 of Diamonds as their primary card. Diamonds represent money, material goods, or anything that is of value to society. Notice the 9 diamonds on the card, and the one in the middle? This makes the card look like a ladder. As a 9, you can either elevate and climb up, bringing our material world to a higher level, or you can also climb the ladder down reducing value, feeling useless.

Playing this card right allows you to use the symbolism of climbing the corporate ladder, being a president, a pragmatic leader, or just someone that elevates our way of being to bring society into a higher level. Playing this card wrong personally could result in someone becoming totally financially broke, acting as a whiny victim and may even end up living in the gutter. You start in the middle and get to use your strengths to climb up or down in life. The goal for any 9 is to let go and uncover potentially harmful patterns in their life to ensure they climb up.

Understanding my cards and the energy frequencies they provide me has allowed me to feel into my daily life and relationship patterns. I do this through thoughtful examination of my energy for the day and how to play to my strengths. On top of that the cards have helped me make career and life choices that naturally suit me and help me live my purpose of connecting with others interdependently and creating a basket of love for those around me.

There are a ton of books and online resources to find your birth card based on your birthday, let me know if you find any of it helpful for your personal growth.

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