Life Report

Learn your cards in life

  • Birth Cards Descriptions

  • Analysis for your planetary periods

    • Mercury (Ages 0-12) Analysis

    • Venus (Ages 13-25) Analysis

    • Mars (Ages 26-38)

    • Jupiter (Ages 39-51)

    • Saturn (Ages 52-64)

    • Uranus (Ages  65-77)

    • Neptune (Ages 78-90)

Yearly Birth Card Report

Learn your cards for this year

  • Birth Cards Description

  • Analysis for your planetary periods that change every 52 days

  • Cards that impact your goals for the year

  • Your personal improvement card for the year

  • Karmic influences that impact your year

  • Auspicious events for the year (periods of fame, money, recognition)

Relationship Report

Love and compatibility analysis

  • Understand your relationships with friends, family and loved ones

  • Overview of your birth cards and how it impacts your relationships

  • Overview of a second person’s birth cards and how it impacts their relationships

  • Analysis of your life and karmic connections (up to 10)

Success and Money Report

Find periods for success

  • 3 Year report detailing dates for Financial and Business Success for both Birth Cards

  • Identification of periods good for speculation, gambling and starting new business ventures

  • Identification of periods with increased spending risks

  • Identify potential periods of fame and recognition at work

52 Day Spread Report

Get your cards for the next 52 days

  • Find out what planetary period you are currently in and how that impacts your behavior

  • Learn the cards that will impact you during your current and next 52 day period

  • Figure out the best way to play your cards to your advantage on a smaller timeframe

Auspicious Events Report

Full Report for key life events

  • Periods that indicate beginnings and endings in life, love and career.

  • Periods for Fame, Recognition and Success

  • Periods for ill health, good fortune and luck with money